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You can read below just how satisfied the professionals are with the Wetsling, a waterproof sling.

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Your Wetsling comes with fitting instructions. It’s easy and once it is fitted you never have to undo the hook strap (label). Simply lift the sling off with your good hand or if you have an assistant let them remove your Wetsling.


icon_dryingQuick Drying

The material used to manufacture the wetsling is a composition of high quality neoprene and nylon and will dry very quickly.

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The wetsling is an asset to any first-aid, medical or survival kit. You can easily pack the wetsling as added safety when you are camping, hiking, geocaching or adventuring around the world!

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Your wetsling comes in black. You have the option of one of these 3 colors for the strap/ label.

Mathew Shaw

Occupational Therapist / Certified Hand Therapist/ Owner - Hand & Upper Limb Clinic Thunder Bay, ON

Shoulder and elbow patients who have injuries limiting their movement will benefit from the Wetsling. We tell patients not to move their shoulder or their elbow after surgery or an injury but we often don’t tell them how their supposed to do that. If someone is going to fall and reach out with their arm and hand it will be in the shower. This could cause great pain or, worse still, ruin a repaired shoulder or elbow. The Wetsling was devised by a patient ( as all great ideas invented by our patients!) to protect the arm while showering. We prescribe it to all of our patients because it is protective, easy to put on/off, economical and dries quickly.

Jay Caldwell

Wetsling inventor - Owner - Wetsling Design & Fabrication Ltd

After shoulder surgery I wore an immobilizer sling home from the hospital. Instructions from my doctor and nurse were to "not lift anything but air". I wore the immobilizer for 6 or 7 weeks.
After 1 week I had my stitches out and was cleared to shower. In order to do that I had to remove the immobilizer sling. How do you protect your shoulder and keep your arm from moving in the shower.......?
You put a wetsling on and your arm is safe and secure!

Dr. Tracy Wilson


I am an upper extremity orthopaedic surgeon performing mostly shoulder surgery in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
It is always hard to know what patients should wear to immobilize their shoulder while showering in the post operative period.
The Wetsling is a simple, comfortable, effective and inexpensive option that I would highly recommend.

Chad Culbert

Shoulder surgery recovery

I recently had rotator cuff surgery with a complete tendon tear. The wetsling allowed me to have the opportunity to have a full shower while providing the necessary immobilization, comfort and security. I also use the wetsling to enter/ exit my pool. It again provides the necessary immobilization and security. The wetsling was recommended to me by both my occupational therapist and RMT. Extremely beneficial.